Thomax – The Remix Files (Vol.8)

Thomax - The Remix Files (Vol.8)Thomax - The Remix Files (Vol.8)

Size: 47 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Philosophical Gangsta (Remix) (feat. Apathy, Poison Pen & Bad Seed)
2. Jenny (Remix) (feat. One Be Lo)
3. The Gospel According To (Remix) (feat. Demigodz)
4. Find Out (Remix) (feat. Classified)
5. Wildebeest (Remix) (feat. One Be Lo)
6. The IV (Remix) (feat. Braille)
7. Demigodz Is Back (Remix) (feat. Demigodz)
8. Tomax & Xamot (Remix) (feat. Demigodz)

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