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Nomlas & Canswer – Hour Of Horror Instrumentals

01 – Nightmare On Wax (Yeah-eee-YeahYeahYeah) (Prod. by Nomlas)
02 – Zombi Walk (Prod. by Canswer)
03 – Introducing Nomlas The Prophet (Prod. by Nomlas)
04 – My Family, The Munsters (Prod. by Canswer)
05 – (Moses) Parting Tha Red Sea (Prod. by Nomlas)
06 – Dark Carnival (Prod. by Canswer)
07 – Angel’s Whistle (Prod. by Nomlas)
08 – I Want To Believe (Prod. by Canswer)
09 – Cry Of Wisdom (Prod. by Nomlas)
10 – Mash These Monstas (Prod. by Canswer)
11 – Blood Of The Troops (Prod. by Nomlas)
12 – Giant Spiders From New Mexico (Prod. by Canswer)
13 – Follow Me (Prod. by Nomlas)
14 – Chop ‘Til Ya Drop (Prod. by Canswer)
15 – Shell-Shock (Prod. by Nomlas)
16 – Castration (Prod. by Canswer
17 – Witches’ Brew (Prod. by Nomlas)
18 – The Night Stalker (Prod. by Canswer)
19 – Moonshine (Prod. by Nomlas)
20 – The Old Mansion (Prod. by Canswer)
21 – What You Thought (Prod. by Nomlas)
22 – Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland (Prod. by Canswer)
23 – Icon Of Horror (Prod. by Nomlas)
24 – Charles Lee Ray (Prod. by Canswer)
25 – Summer Nightmare (Prod. by Nomlas)
26 – Dense Fog Advisory (Prod. by Canswer)
27 – House By The Cemetery (Prod. by Nomlas)
28 – Brain Dead (Prod. by Canswer)
29 – Howling At The Moon (Prod. by Nomlas)
30 – Campfire Story (Prod. by Canswer)
31 – Why Have You Come Here Tonight? (Prod. by Nomlas)

Size: 189.95 MB

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